BalLerMix (BALancing selection LikElihood Ratio MIXture models)
A Python script that can perform genomic scans for balancing selection using the composite likelihood ratio B statistics of Cheng and DeGiorgio (2019).

Results of genome scans using BalLerMix in Cheng and DeGiorgio (2019).
[Click to download scan results for African (YRI) human]
[Click to download scan results for European (CEU) human]
[Click to download scan results for bonobo]

Please cite the following manuscript if using this software:
X Cheng, M DeGiorgio (2019) Flexible mixture model approaches that accommodate footprint size variability for robust detection of balancing selection. bioRxiv

The software is now hosted on Xiaoheng Cheng's GitHub page

Software history
April 23, 2019 - Uploaded version 1.0 of the software and manual
May 16, 2019 - Uploaded version 1.1 of the software
July 27, 2019 - Fixed small bug
December 5, 2019 - Redirected software to Xiaoheng Cheng's GitHub page and added empirical results for human genome scan.